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 "Paint for a Pawpose" 
Teamed up with No Suffer Society (NSS) 
as host for "Paint for a Pawpose" a Paint your pet party where shelter animals are chosen to have their pet portraits painted bringing light to these living angels.

Paint Your Pet Party Sip and Paint

(Photo by Mohamed Sadek for The New York Times)

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Pet Portrait paint your cat portrait

 “My Pet Portrait Fun illustrative portraits are uniquely personalized to tell a story.​ I like to emphasize the word personality in my portraits because our pets are full of them.​” Michele Cahill 

​​​​​Bringing  Pet Lovers & Art together with Pet Portraits

​Michele Cahill- professional Artist and event planner of Sip and Paint Your Pet Parties, Live Sketch Pet Artist, Custom Pet Portraits, Art Instructor, Paint Your Pet Portrait Private Parties, Party Entertainer Sketch Artist, Illustrator

Pet Portrait Fun

Michele Cahill, master pet portrait artist of NYC, combines pet lovers with art.  Offering personalized custom illustrated pet portraits done in a whimsical manner as gifts or memorials. Join a Paint Your Own Pet Party, where you receive an illustration of your pet to trace & watercolor with live instructions from professional artist Michele Cahill. Held live at various locations in NYC. Also try a private paint party NYC area. Not in the New York metro area? Then try a DIY Paint Your Pet-Home Art Kit. You will get everything drawn & shipped to you with personalized instructions!  You can view more of the artists - commercial below for a paint your pet party.

Pet Portrait Fun as featured in

the New York Times.

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Pet Portrait Fun Pet Portraits Paint Your Pet
Bull Dog Pool Party Pet Portrait Fun

Pet Portrait Fun's® PAINT YOUR PET PARTY

featured in the NY TIMES

Petmasters Approved
Pet Portrait Fun Paint Your Pet Party New York Times
Paint for a Pawpose Pet Portrait Fun No Suffer Society


Pet Portrait Fun
182 East 95th Street 4c New York, NY 10128 US
Phone: 646-418-5718 Website: http://www.petportraitfun.com/
Pet Portrait Boston Dogs Sports

​​​​​Pet Portrait Fun®

How does  Paint Your Pet Party work?

 Paint your pet the easy way, no artistic background needed and you can bring your dog too !  I sketch your  dog or pet for you after you send me your pet photo. You can paint your pet painting with a twist, as you sip and paint your pet. BYOB sip wine and paint or purchase wine & snacks from the venue of the party.  At my Paint Your Pet Party, I will show you how to paint your pet with watercolor, after your trace what I have already drawn for you, so it is easy. A Paint Night is always better when you are painting with a twist and you can bring your dog to be part of the party! 

Where’s a Paint Your Pet Paint Party near me?

 If you are looking for a paint your pet NYC in New York City, then check out my party locations on the contact page.  Ten or more  people, and I will come do a private paint your pet Long Island , or  paint your pet NY metro areas too.  I'm always looking for new locations where you can bring your dog. If you have suggestions for pet friendly places near you tell me "Set up a Sip and Paint your Pet party near me"

Looking for ideas for a Great Date night with your dog?

Want to escape the daily grind? Try an “artistic” escape. The perfect solution is Paint Nite with Your Pet. Seeing your pet portrait can give you a quick sense of accomplishment. An evening of painting and sipping with your pet is a unique alternative to a night out. It's a party, and at the end of the night you go home with a painting of your pet.  Painting your dogs portrait fills a creative void we are all craving.
In today's society, there are not many chances to have the opportunity to say ‘I made this’ 
 It’s a very relaxing experience, some say this is the new yoga. 

Can I Bring My DOG?

Don't leave your dog at home, and no need to stay home with them, bring them with you for a night out on the town.  The fact that classes are held at pet friendly venues where you can bring your dog, in a no-pressure environment is a big plus. Join me for a paint your pet paint nite.   Come paint your pet wine and design with me! If you are looking for a paint your pet and sip night see my up coming events

 /Michele Cahill is a professional Pet Portrait Artist of NYC, illustrating dog paintings, whimsical illustrations of pets, Host of Paint Your Pet Party, Sip and Paint, and Paint your Puppy Parties.

 Pet Portrait Fun® Paint and Sip parties in New York City as Featured in The New York Times (nytimes)

paint your pet near me Pet Portrait
The New York Times Michele Cahill

Michele Cahill the pet portraits artist of New York City  can host a paint party in new york, as was featured in the new york times. Pet Painting with a twist or paint and sip with wine and paint a portrait painting at the paint party for pet portraits.
Either cat painting or dog painting you can paint your pet as seen in the ny times.
Read about new york city dog portraits wine and paint pet portraits paint party in the new york times
One of new yorks best paint parties pet painting with a twist shown in new york times. The nytimes has never seen a paint nite like this
Join the next paint your pet your pet party with your pet  just visit www petportraitfun com.

New york pet portraits artist, host of paint party shown in new york times, pet painting with a twist, with Michele Cahill featured in ny times. The new york city artist, host of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits.  Paint and sip with your dog.
Host of a paint party new york pet portraits artist, shown in new york times, painting with a twist is more fun just when you bring your dog. To learn more about Michele Cahill read the article in the ny times. This new york city artist, hosts of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits is one of a kind. Paint and sip with your dog in New York City at dog friendly venues with Michele Cahill Pet portrait artist.
Have Michele Cahill New York City dog portraits artist host a paint party in new york, as was featured in the new york times. Pet Painting with a twist with your dog . Read more about Michele Cahill in ny times. This new york city artist, host of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits.  Paint and sip with your dog and pet paint with a twist as shown in new york times.( nytimes ) Michele Cahill  the new york city artist in the ny times, hosts wine and paint with your dog. Pet Lovers in New york who read nytimes about pet parties and painting with a twist can see the story about Pet portrait Artist Michele Cahill.

You finish the night with Dog portraits.  Wine and paint pet portraits at a paint party in  New York as seen in the new york times. If you want to Learn about Michele Cahill in ny times the new york city artist, the hosts of wine and paint parties, please check out more of this website and contact Michele Cahill with further questions..

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Pet Portrait Fun Dog Painting
Pet Portrait Adult Coloring Book
Pet Portrait Fun Paint Your Pet Party

Pet Portrait Fun® The Ultimate Paint Party NYC Paint Your Pet Party for pet lovers! Come Paint a portrait of your dog with me.
No Artistic background necessary. 
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