​​​About Pet Portrait Fun

    Since the conception of the brand, my main goal was to create amazing portraits that my customers play a big part of the process in, by helping me get to know their pets’ personalities.   My Pet Portrait Fun illustrations are uniquely personalized to tell a story.​ I like to emphasize the word personality in my portraits because our pets are full of them. At my Paint your own Pet Parties, my customers create their own masterpieces from drawings I provide for them, to trace and watercolor with my help all along the way. Painting your own pet portrait, is such an intimate connection with your animal and exposes a vulnerability that many find a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. I encourage exploring art in a way that is non threatening.  I give you a simple way to paint your own pet portrait with a head start from me.  So everyone who paints their own pet portrait, can feel like a pro.

About Michele Cahill

I bring Pet lovers and art together.   Pet Portrait Fun, is based out of the Upper East Side of New York City.    Learning about the personalities of my customers pets is an important part of my brand. I discuss everything about them.  We laugh and cry together, going through photos and memories of their pets. This all happens before I even put a pencil down to sketchI am a NYC artist with a BFA from Syracuse University majoring in illustration. I have been painting and illustrating professionally since 1998.  I have wanted to draw animals for a living since I was in grade school.  For many years I worked as a graphic designer for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon.  In 2015, when I was laid off, I realized I wanted to create my own business where I could combine my love for animals and art. I got my certification to be a professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and learned about dog behavior.  It was clear to me then, painting peoples beloved pets and showing them how to paint pet portraits was my true passion.  Initially I started my business with my unique custom pet portraits.  I then started holding "Paint Your Own Pet Parties" at pet friendly venues in NYC, where customers work with me live, and I invite their furry friends to come with them to the party.  After being featured in the NY Times the demand for my "Paint Your Own Pet Portrait" grew and I developed "Paint Your Pet Portrait - DIY Art Kit".  I make it easy for pet lovers to watercolor their own pets from a sketch I draw for them prior to trace and watercolor on their own. As a true animal lover,  I volunteer weekly at the New York Animal Care Center, working to help improve the behavior issues of shelter dogs.


Michele Cahill

The Mission
I work everyday not only to make sure every customer receives an amazing one of a kind portrait, but also a one of a kind experience they will never forget. To me, the portraits created are part of a journey through that animal and their pet parent's life. Bringing customers joy through painting their pet is a one of a kind experience that everyone should enjoy, even if one has no artistic background.   I take pride in being a fellow pet lover and volunteer at NYACC shelter.  Raising money for animals in shelters through fundraisers like Paint Your Pet Parties and Custom portrait donations is an important party of Pet Portrait Fun's purpose.  My mission is to do good for animals in need and serve my customers in a way that I can bring joy and happiness  through art during their experience with me.  The result being a piece of artwork of their pet they can bring into their home to hold in their heart forever.

Michele Cahill

Pet Portrait Fun