Pet Portrait Fun

The Brand
Pet Portrait Fun, is based out of New York City. 

My illustrative portraits are uniquely personalized to tell a story about the lives of the animals and their family.  This is something that has brought me the most joy and happiness.  I enjoy learning about my customers pets. Discussing with customers either laughing or crying together, going through photos and memories about their pets and their personalities. This all happens before I even put a pencil down to sketch.

I like to emphasize the word personality in my portraits. Since the conception of my brand, my main goal was to create amazing portraits that my customers play a big part of in the creation process by helping me get to know their pets’ personalities. 

The Mission
I work everyday not only to make sure every customer receives an amazing one of a kind portrait, but also a one of a kind experience they will never forget. To me, the portraits I create are part of a journey through that animal’s life. I take pride in being a fellow pet lover and volunteer at NYACC shelter.  My mission is to serve my customers in a way that I can bring joy and happiness during their experience with me.


About Michele Cahill

  My name is Michele Cahill and I am a creative professional illustrator, who has a strong love for art and animals. I paint custom personalized unique pet portraits. I believe  art is the perfect way to highlight and amplify the beauty of the unconditional bond between a pet and their owner. Painting peoples beloved pets is my true passion. I am a NYC artist with a BFA from Syracuse University majoring in illustration. I have been painting and illustrating professionally since 1998, and have designed for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon.  In addition to my custom pet portraits, I also host Paint Your Own Pet events throughout the city where people can work with me live as I instruct pet lovers on watercoloring their own pets.  As a true animal lover, I also got a certification in professional dog training (CPDT-KA) and volunteer weekly at the New York Animal Care Center , working to help improve the behavior issues of shelter dogs.