With custom illustration of your Pet included for you to trace
Home Art Kit Includes

1. A) Watercolor paper stretch to cardboard with painters tape  
B) Graphite covered Paper to transfer drawing onto watercolor paper C) Professional Artist Custom sketch of your pet for you to trace D) Print out of pet photo
2. A) Hard pencil for tracing B) Paint brush for watercoloring C) 16 color watercolor set of non toxic paint with pallet lid for mixing paints

3. A) Matte Frame B) Matte Board Backing, C) Plastic protective sleeve with adhesive closure

Let’s Get Started!

1.REMOVE PRINTOUT:  put print out of photo to the side, view your custom sketch to trace. 

2. START TO TRACE: Use your Hard Pencil to Trace your sketch though the graphite paper onto the watercolor paper. You don't have to fill in the shaded areas, just outline the shapes and trace the lines. You will fill in the shaded areas with watercolor later. 

3. PEEK UNDER: Check to see if you are pressing hard enough just lift the bottom corner of both sketch and graphite paper to see. Make sure not to remove the taped down sketch completely until you are finished, this could make the drawing not line up, so keep the corners at the top taped down until you have gotten all the drawing lines traced out.

 4. REMOVE GRAPHITE PAPER & SKETCH-When you have traced the whole drawing onto the watercolor and you have gotten all the details, eyes, nose, paws etc.
Gently pull the original sketch and hold to the side for later. We will put the original sketch in the back of the final painting when we frame.

5. START YOUR PAINTING- Fill up a Cup of water and Get Paper towels for Painting. Dip a paper towel in the water and drip a few drops on each color to make them wet and ready for painting. Try not to touch the paints with the paper towel when you do this. This will be used as an eraser if you want to lighten up or remove color. Remember water is your "White" add more water to make things lighter.  Mix your colors in the lid of your paint kit with your brush before you put the brush on the paper.  You can start with the background if you are not sure where to start. This way you can get used to the paint and brush.

 6. RELAX & HAVE FUN-You can follow the colors of the photo or make up your own fun colors or colorful backgrounds. Any questions on mixing colors you can reach out to me and I can give you some tips.

 Please Email any Questions

 Let’s Finish & Frame our Masterpiece!

7. REMOVE THE TAPE- Be gentle when removing the boarder tape so you don't tear the paper. If it does start to tear, stop and start from the other end and go slowly. Don't worry, the edges will be covered with the matte frame in the end.

8. TIME TO FRAME- You have A) Matte Frame, B) Matte Board Backing C) Plastic protective sleeve  with adhesive closure

Pull your matte frame & backing board out of the plastic protective sheet

9. Tape your finished DRY Painting to the Matte Board- With a small piece of tape, and tape the original pencil Custom illustration for keepsake attached to the back of the Board before sliding into Plastic
10. LAY YOUR MATTE FRAME ON TOP- of your original painting then gently slide into plastic for the  finished masterpiece

 ​11. Slide into Plastic Protective Sheet- remove the strip at the back for the adhesive. Make sure the adhesive is in the back of your painting

Petmasters Approved
Paint Your Pet Portrait Fun DIY kit


Absolutely not! We can use any animal and turn it into a one of a kind art masterpiece. 

Immediately after you place your order, your pet upload is sent to one of our artists. Please allow 6 days for the design to be completed, and another 3-4 for the product to be shipped. You can expect 2-3 weeks delivery time from when you placed your order to the time you receive your DIY Pet Portrait Fun Kit.We promise it's worth the wait! 

We recommend one, BUT we understand that some pets are inseparable, so please email so we can work this out for you! The additional cost per pet would be $10, and you will pay for that post-purchase. 

We want you to be 100% satisfied and love the final render. If you ever have any issues with the design, you can contact us at and we will make it right! 

All changes must be made to an order within 24 hours after the time which it was placed. Keep in mind that we start sketching your pet shortly after you purchase! 

Yes, absolutely! We believe everyone, regardless of location, should be able to paint a one of a kind Pet Portrait Fun watercolor of their pet. International shipping will be calculated at checkout. 

You don't have to be a professional photographer to snap a great picture of your pet, BUT we do have some tips before you make your final purchase. We recommend photos in sunny or bright light (so we can catch details) and having your pet sit or stand up. If we happen to not be able to use your photo, we will reach out to you via email and request you send us another one.

Pet Portrait Fun
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Pet Portrait DIY Kit
Pet Portrait DIY Kit
DIY Pet Portrait Fun Kit

It's EASY to Paint a PET PORTRAIT!


DIY Pet portrait Fun Kit
Paint Your Pet Portrait Fun
Pet Portrait Home Kit
Pet Portrait Fun Pet Portraits Paint Your Pet
Pet Portrait Home Kit


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 Pet Portrait Fun® Paint and Sip parties in New York City as Featured in The New York Times (nytimes)

DIY Paint Your Pet Portrait Fun Kit- Pet Memorial Painting

I had no idea how beneficial this was, and how helpful this transformative art could be for those who have lost a pet. By dealing with the grief, that sometimes we never fully processed.  When painting a portrait of  your beautiful beloved pet, the loving memories return in wonderful ways through the paint and brush. All the loving memories that you haven't had in years come to you, helping you deal with the pain of the loss that you felt when they passed. By painting a portrait,  it helps heal the aching, emptiness your are feeling and your pet comes back to you in a form that is so comforting and spiritual. You  can share this portrait with others.

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 Pet Portrait Fun​®

DIY Pet Portrait Watercolor Art Home Kit

Easy Pet Portrait DIY Painting Kit from Home with custom illustration of your pet  for you to trace and watercolor  mailed to your home with custom sketch from New York City Artist Michele Cahill

as featured in the New York Times all the art materials with custom sketch and Instructions included

DIY Pet Portrait FunKit - Paint your pet portrait  with no artistic background needed. New York City Artist Michele Cahill as featured in the New York Times will draw your pet for your and send the sketch with custom instructions and all the art supplies needed to paint your own pet portrait from home.  DIY Pet Portrait Fun Kit Comes an exact replica sketch of your pet for you to easily trace with simple customized watercolor instructions to follow. You will feel like a pro when you finish your  pet's portrait with this amazing DIY Kit.  Great Gift for Pet Lovers Arts & Craft DIY Home Kit. Paint Your Pet Portrait from Home. Have your own Paint your Pet Party  with custom home instruction from the master artist- Michele Cahill. Michele Cahill the pet portraits artist of New York City host a paint party in new york, as was featured in the new york times. Pet Painting with a twist or paint and sip with wine and paint a portrait painting at the paint party for pet portraits. do a  cat painting or dog painting you can paint your pet as seen in the ny times. Great Gift for Pet Lovers Arts & Craft DIY Home Kit. Paint Your Pet Portrait from Home. Have your own DIY Paint your Pet Party  with custom home instruction from the master artist- Michele Cahill.  Read about new york city dog portraits wine and paint pet portraits paint party in the new york times
One of new yorks best paint parties pet painting with a twist shown in new york times. The nytimes has never seen a paint nite like this
Have your own paint your pet your pet party with your pet  just visit www petportraitfun com.

With Michele Cahill the New york pet portraits artist, host of paint party as seen in new york times, pet painting with a twist. You can read about Michele Cahill the new york city artist, featured in ny times , host of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits.  The Only Paint and sip with your dog.
Host of a paint party new york pet portraits artist, shown in new york times, painting with a twist is more fun just when you bring your dog. To learn more about Michele Cahill read the article in the ny times. This new york city artist, hosts of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits is one of a kind. Paint and sip with your dog in New York City at dog friendly venues with Michele Cahill Pet portrait artist.
Best  Gift for Pet Lovers Arts & Craft DIY Home Kit. Paint Your Pet Portrait from Home. Just have your own DIY Paint your Pet Party  with custom home instruction from the master artist- Michele Cahill.  Have Michele Cahill New York City dog portraits artist host a paint party in new york, as was featured in the new york times. Pet Painting with a twist with your dog . Read more about Michele Cahill in ny times. This new york city artist, host of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits.  Pet Party Paint and sip with your dog and pet paint with a twist as shown in new york times.( nytimes ) Michele Cahill  the new york city artist in the ny times, hosts wine and paint with your dog. Pet Lovers in New york who read nytimes about pet parties and painting with a twist can see the story about Pet portrait Artist Michele Cahill. You can paint a Dog portrait or a cat portrait.  Wine and paint pet portraits at a paint party in New York as seen in the new york times. If you want to Learn about Michele Cahill in ny times the new york city artist, the hosts of wine and paint parties, please check out more of this website and contact Michele Cahill with further questions..

The DIY Pet Portrait Fun kit,  comes with custom drawing of your pet and all the Art supplies, and custom instructions to guide you – regardless of your experience – you can create a personalized, hand-made painting that you’ll be thrilled to hang on your wall! The DIY Pet Portrait Fun Kit walks you through the painting experience, step-by-step. It’s like a paint by number, without numbers, so everyone succeeds. Just send a photo of your pet and order the DIY Pet Portrait Fun Kit. It will contain everything you’ll need (Watercolor paper, paints, paint brushes, pencils, Custom Sketch of your pet and custom coloring instructions, and a Matte frame to finish ). 
When it comes to making art, most people believe the job is reserved for trained artists. Most people are afraid to even try. The DIY Pet Portrait Fun Kit was designed so that you can paint without any fear and guarantees anyone can complete a stunning and accurate Pet Portrait work of art they can be proud of.