​​​"I met Michele at an event for Animal welfare, so already you know she's good people! Over the holidays I had her put together a painting for me of our dog Django. She was absolutely wonderful to work with and made sure that I was completely happy with the painting before completion. Michele really hit the mark with this painting & I am SO ecstatic to gift this to my "doggie daddy" for his birthday!"

Sabrina Joens 1/19/2016

"We recently lost our beloved dog named Boone and Michele did an amazing job of capturing his loving and crazy energy into a painting for me to give to my daughter."

Margaret Kalaher 3/1/2017

Family Dogs Portrait
Pet Portrait Bulldog Pool Party

 Pet Portrait Fun Paint and Sip parties in New York City as Featured in The New York Times (nytimes)

Dog Love

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Pet Portrait Fun - Pet Portrait Testimonials, Customer Satisfaction

"I have been looking to have a portrait done for a year for my husband of our girl who passed away. I was not 100% sure what I wanted but knew I would when I saw it.  I found it with Michel at Pet Portrait Fun. I just loved how Michele captured each dog personality and how fun the pictures were. 
I immediately reach out to Michele.  I was not sure what I wanted but Michele was amazing to work with.  She helped me by learning about my girl and as we talked, I decided to paint all four of my bulldogs in one portrait with a pool party theme using pictures from our previous home. I took the time to describe the personalities of each dog as this is what I loved about her portraits.
The result was totally amazing. I was so blown away by the initial sketched design.  She was very open to make some minor modification and I could not wait to see the result.    
Well, the result was truly amazing. They way she captured each dog’s personality, the faces included the lines and wrinkles which made them look alive and real. She incorporated the details of our pool area. It truly was a priceless master piece to us.  When my husband opened the gift at Christmas, he said “Best Gift Ever”. 
Little did I know how this piece became even more special as one of boy’s passed away not long after this was painted. To see this picture and feel our babies are sitting with us is truly amazing.  Words can’t capture the priceless work she did for my husband and I and this is our most treasured artwork of many pieces we own.
I highly recommend Michele and let here create your amazing memory as she did for us."
John Belmore 1/18/2018

Pet Portrait Britany Spaniel, Sunset dog
Pet Portrait Django Unchained

Paint Your Own Pet Night Happy customers at New York Paint Nite Painting with a twist 

 Silvia Wong
*****Michele made the experience fun and enjoyable for both humans and pups! Drawing and water coloring seemed intimating but turns out everyone is an artist. Even my husband walked out with a great piece. Highly recommended!

Jerry Caropolo
Dog lovers rejoice! I attended my first Pet Portrait Fun session last night at Boris & Horton and it definitely won't be my last. Michele is incredibly talented, super friendly, and very attentive to her guests' questions. This last part was especially important as most of us were either first-time watercolor painters or hadn't touched a brush since the high school days. Whether you are an active pet parent or canine painting for a loved one (mine is a surprise gift to my sister memorializing her recently deceased min pin and one guest said he'd do one of his parents' dog to surprise them with for his next session) you are sure to have an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Thank you Michele for the amazing Pet Portrait Fun experience!

 Ana Zgaljardic
Michele is amazing at what she does and embraces you to paint any way and any how you feel comfortable! If you need some tips she is more than happy to help but really lets you go at your own pace and let's you foster your own creativity. We all love our pets so we feel a special need to make our pet portrait perfect, just like our pet! Michele talks you through it and encourages your creative mind. Have fun with friends, making it a party with food and/or drinks, or make it intimate/personal with a loved one. There's no wrong way to do this and I guarantee it's going to always be fun!

Pet Portrait Fun
Pet Portrait Photo Pitbull

Join Michele Cahill to enjoy a painting with a twist or paint and sip with wine and paint and portrait painting at the paint party for pet portraits. either cat painting or dog painting you can paint your pet as seen in the ny times.
Read about new york city dog portraits wine and paint pet portraits paint party in the new york times
One of new york s best paint parties painting with a twist shown in new york times. ny times has never seen a paint nite like this Join the next paint your pet your pet party your pet visit wwwpetportraitfun com
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Michele Cahill a pet portraits artist host a paint party in new york, as featured in new york times,  pet  painting with a twist with your dog . Read more about Michele Cahill in ny times the new york city artist, who hosts wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits, paint and sip with your dog .

Have Michele Cahill New York City dog portraits artist host a paint party in new york, as was featured in the new york times. Pet Painting with a twist with your dog . Read more about Michele Cahill in ny times. This new york city artist, host of wine and paint pet parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits or cat portraits.  Paint and sip with your dog and pet paint with a twist as shown in new york times.( nytimes ) Michele Cahill  the new york city artist in the ny times, hosts wine and paint with your dog. Pet Lovers in New york who read nytimes about pet parties and pet painting with a twist can see the story about Pet portrait Artist Michele Cahill. You finish the night with Dog portraits.  Sip Wine and paint pet portraits at a paint party in  New York as seen in the new york times. If you want to Learn about Michele Cahill in ny times the new york city artist, the hosts of wine and paint parties, please check out more of this website and contact Michele Cahill with further questions..

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"This was one of the best gifts I have ever given to my parents - Michele did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend her. We actually tasked her with a very difficult task of painting 6 dogs, in a very specific location, with limited photos. She took great time to gather information on all the doggies, and did an unbelievable job! I can't express how enough how much our entire family loved the beautiful portrait she created for us, and it is something we are going to cherish for a long time!"

Jennifer Greechan 1/02/2018

Paint Your Pet Party Date Night Ideas with Pregnant Wife, Paint & Sip
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